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Chapter 9: "A Big Slap On His Beautiful Face."

He's so skinny yet he's undeniably tall. He's taller than me, actually. His skin is pale and his hair was in a pony-tail. I can see that there were white dreads on it. God! He looks like a girl!

"So you really don't know me, huh? Or is the interview just a silly game you played?" His smile was getting the nerves out of me.

Lia rolled her eyes as she looked irritatingly outside the window. Little drops of rain are pouring.

"I will not dare play a silly game in that situation, bitch." Lia smirked. Bill laughed at this. His voice Lia thought to herself.

There was silence after that. It was awkward as I may say. Bill's eyes were glued outside. He's not even moving. He seems to be really bored. He looks like a lady and for some reason, I can't deny that he's a beautiful one. His lips were pinkish, almost like a rose, and oh, the eyes I can see them from the night light. Oh god Lia! Stop staring! He might think that you're some fan or something.

"I know I'm gorgeous and hot but stop staring." Bill smirked. Lia felt uncomfortable. She turned her gaze outside the window. The rain was now pouring harder than before.

"Hey! Can we stop by that coffee shop?" Lia pointed to the quaint coffee shop.
Bill sat there rather serious. He was quiet for a while and decided to step on the brake rather fast and stopped the car on one of the dark streets. It was good that Lia used the seatbelt or else she may have been thrown on the glass of the car.

"God! What's the matter with you!" Lia asked rather annoyed.

"After the incident in the airport, now you wanted to go to that coffee shop? Are you insane?!" Bill said. He was irritated as well.

"No! I'm cold, actually! Can't you see what I'm wearing?!" Lia asked him. He exhaled exasperatedly before taking off his jacket and giving it to Lia.

"I wanted some coffee. Not your fucking jacket." Lia said while putting her arms across her chest. Bill then, tried to compose his self. He was undeniably turning impatient.

"Are you stupid or something? Someone might see you. Then what, they will photograph you riding this car with me?! Lia! Don't get fucking mad if we're on the front pages tomorrow!" Bill said louder and firm than before. He was now looking outside, holding the steering wheel hardly with his hands.

Lia felt embarrassed so she wore the jacket. It was big. Lia pulled the hoodie on and went outside. It was extremely cold! The jacket which Bill let her borrow was up to her knees. Lia smiled and giggled childishly because of this. She put her hands inside the pockets of the jacket and ran towards the coffee shop.

Her phone rang just when she was inside.





"Ciao." She answered the phone call. "One hot coffee please. Oh! And waffles with syrup." She ordered. The girl politely smiled at her. Lia gave her the money and sat on one of the couches with a table in front of her. This coffee house is cute. She thought to herself childishly.

"Ciao?! Who's this?!" Lia said loudly. She was not in the good mood for the moment. Maybe because of the guy she's sharing the car with? She's really not certain.

"Are there lots of people in there?"

Here, his voice. I can hear his fucking voice again. This is not a good symphony inside my head. Lia thought as she looks around and saw no other customers but her.

"Actually, there are no other customers here except me." Lia said annoyingly. She can't help but be rude to this guy.

I can't believe the nerves of that guy. He just ended the conversation without further notice. He's just plain rude!

After a while, the lady served her the cup of hot coffee and the waffles. Lia thanked the young lady and she sipped her coffee quietly. Yes! I'll enjoy the coffee shop by myself! Lia thought as she looked around. Just as when she was eating her waffles, a guy entered the coffee shop, wearing a black leather jacket with fur hoodie. He ordered food. What Lia noticed is the smile of the lady. The guy was undeniably flirting with the young lady, who in return, exchanges smiles and gazes with him.

Lia then, gazed away while putting the hoodie of Bill's jacket on her head so that the guy may not see her face and to avoid another set of paparazzi.

To her surprise, the guy went to sit across her. She was nervous. She doesn't know what to do. She's planning to run but then, the guy put the hoodie of his leather jacket down and a pale yet beautiful face was seen. His hair was now dropping pass his shoulders, revealing a long hair with white dreads.

"Don't worry. Bill Kaulitz is not a fan of Ms. Lia Antonio. He will not fucking care a bit." Bill smirked. Lia put her hoddie down and glared at him. She then, noticed something really odd. Lia continued on staring and glaring at the guy who was sitting across her.

"What?" Bill said stoically and bored. He raised a brow annoyingly.

"Where did you get that jacket from?" Lia asked looking at what Bill was wearing at the moment.

Suddenly, the young lady appeared to serve him his hot coffee and waffles. Bill smiled at her and in return, she did the same thing. Lia rolled her beautiful brown eyes at the scene they were making.

"What were you asking?" Bill asked, still smirking while looking at Lia.

"Where did you get that jacket from? And wouldn't that lady recognize you?" Lia repeated the question with an annoyed expression in her beautiful face yet another question was in her mind. Of course, the both of them should be careful. That lady might take a picture of them together or something.

"This is Georg's. I saw it at the backseat of the car. And for the second question, just one look and they'll hush." Bill said before smirking and sipping at his hot coffee then looking away from Lia's direction.

The nerve of this guy! Ughh! Full of boastfulness! Lia thought to herself as she tried to breathe, inhale and exhale slowly, so as to compose herself.

After a while, Lia looked at him with mix of suspicion and mainly, disgust.

"I'm actually very proud of her for not puking after doing such a disgusting thing... with you." Lia smug and smirked then sipped from her hot coffee as well.

The coffee seemed to have stuck in Bill's throat. He coughed but then he composed himself before looking at Lia's direction so as to not get caught.

"I'm not that stupid. But that is a woman's jacket you're wearing Bill. What have you done to her? I pity her so much!" Lia smirked once again as she asked such a thing.

Bill sipped from his cup once again, still looking directly at Lia. His stares may actually murder me sooner or later. Lia thought to herself.

After Bill drank from the cup, he glared his eyes at Lia and licked his rose-tinted lips rather slowly and sensually, revealing his tongue stud. Lia covered her mouth and acted like she's going to puke anytime soon.  

"Ughh. How can you be so disgusting?!" Lia asked while shouting. She can't believe him. But what can she do? He's a rock star after all, and not just a typical rock star, but the most renowned rock star of his generation. What else is new? All rock stars are the same. Sex is just a silly game for them. Lia has that impression ever since. That was why she pledged to herself that whatever happens, she will not fall in love with this kind of guy, in the span of time that they're going to perform the plan. And with this, she was really determined. In her mind, she went to Germany and agreed with her mom just to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Oh please! Don't act like an innocent child Lia. Actually, you seemed so impressed by the way you looked at me." Bill smirked. Lia rolled her beautiful, brown, eyes and ignored him with all her might.

After a while, the rain was still pouring, now extremely hard. Lia turned her head and looked at the tinted glass window of the coffee shop, watching as the rain drops slowly.

Bill started to look outside too. He was curious of what Lia's looking at. He then, looked at the time in his expensive phone and looked at Lia who was still busy staring outside. Just when Bill was going to tell Lia that they have to leave, Lia covered her ears childishly.

"Mein gott! Why can you be so childish?!" Bill said irritatingly. Lia laughed to Bill's reaction. He, in return, munched on with his waffles and rolled his eyes to Lia. Seriously, isn't this guy getting tired from raising a brow and rolling his eyes? Lia thought as she munches with her own food.

It was already 9:00 pm when they decided to go out of the coffee shop. It was still raining hard. Just when they sat inside the car, Bill's phone rang.

"Tom." Bill said, holding the steering wheel. Lia looked to his direction as she heard his name. She was excited to see Tom. He's really friendlier than his fucking brother. Lia smirked. Lia was happy that someone among the group wanted to see her so badly.

"....." Obviously, she can't hear Tom and she also can't recognize Bill's expression. He was just so stoic and bored. It seems like he doesn't care which makes it hard for Lia to read him.

"She's with me." Bill said rather bored of the conversation he's having with his brother, and the conversation about Lia. This was what Lia thought nevertheless.


"Really? Have they noticed?" Bill said. His voice was now a bit higher than before yet he was still calm. Lia was shocked when Bill looked at her direction for she was afraid of getting caught staring at the young man. Lia then gazed away from him.


"FUCK. Am I easily recognized in the picture?" Lia looked at Bill when she just heard of this. Worry was now travelling through her. She felt really uneasy and with this, she tugged the woman's leather jacket which Bill was wearing at the moment. Bill then looked at her with a curious expression as if asking what the hell was wrong.

"What happened? What picture?" Lia mouthed to Bill but he left the question unanswered by tapping Lia's hands away from him.


Bill sighed before answering his brother. "Good. Then get her phone number from her mom then act like you're calling her. Then you fetch her just on the other street across our house." Bill's voice was firm. He seems like he's really determined of our plan which is good. It will be fun…I guess.


"Ok! Ok! Fine! Ughh!" Bill threw his cell phone on Lia's lap and stepped on to speed the car ahead which made Lia arched on her seat.  She looked at Bill who was still speeding up with his eyes stuck outside.

She held Bill's cell phone in her hands and put it on her ears.

"What is wrong with your fucking brother?!" Lia asked. She was now annoyed. Really annoyed.

"Haha! Just stay calm Lia, he's just desperate to make this plan successful."

"Desperate?! Tom! This is called madness! You're fucking brother is crazy!" Lia laughed to this. Bill looked at her with an unknown expression in his face. He seems to be really annoyed with her.

Tom laughed as well. "Lia, we really wanted to see you. And by the way, you're mother's here with Mom."

His voice was deeper, it seems rough but he's more polite. I know of that one thing. Lia thought to herself as she smiles. He wanted to see me. That is what we call a welcome! Unlike this guy.

"Oh? Okay. From what your brother's acting, we can reach there for a millisecond." Lia glared at Tom's brother who was beside her with his eyes glued outside. He seems to be thinking out of this world.

"Scheisse. He's speeding up again right?" Tom asked. His voice was now hard as a rock.

She looked at Bill. Her eyes paused to his eyes. "Yes Tom."

Tom told her about the plan of fetching her and acting as if she rid the taxi from the airport up to their house. After a while, she ended the call and gave the phone back to Bill.

There was silence after that. The only thing that can be heard were raindrops from the glass window of the car. Eventually, Bill stepped on the brake as fast as a flash of lightning and stopped the car on a dark street near a huge, beautiful house which she can barely see because of the rain together with the darkness of the night.

Bill held his cell phone once again and pressed some numbers.

"Tom, we're here." Too bossy. He ended the call just like that. It's ridiculous to be with him. I pity Tom.

"Tom will come over. They mustn't know that I was the one who grabbed you from the crowd. They must not suspect us. The people in the house thought that Tom was talking to you instead. He excused himself to fetch you outside. Please Lia, think of the right reasons! " Bill said eagerly.

"I know! I know! I heard that from you a while ago and Tom also mentioned it to me. I'm not that stupid!" Just as when Lia looked outside, she saw someone and for some reason, she knew who the person was. He was carrying an umbrella and a coat.

Lia opened the door and was greeted by a kiss on her cheek. Lia was shocked yet she was really happy to see him.

"Welcome to the family Lia!" He smiled. A polite and sincere smile spread on his lips. Lia put Bill's hoodie inside the car.

"Tom, be sure to make the right excuses. I don't want the plan to be ruined." Bill glared at Lia and drove going to the other side of the house.

"Don't mind him. He's just pissed often times." He smiled and led her to the house.

"Thanks Tom!" She replied with a smile.


Lia was enveloped in a huge coat. She guessed it was Tom's because of his unique style of clothing. He opened the elegant door for her and was welcomed by huge smiles and a hug from each and everyone in the room.

While they were taking turns to hug her, Tom introduced the people in the room.

"Lia, this is Gustav, the Tokio Hotel's drummer."

"Hi Lia!" Gustav said with a smile.  I think he's the timid type of a guy. Lia thought to herself as she greeted him.

"Hey Gustav!" Lia hugged her.  

"And this is Georg. The infamous Georg." Tom smirked teasingly. Georg punched him on his shoulders and they wrestled playfully.

They were all really friendly. Oh mio dio! (Oh my god!) This is going to be fun indeed. She thought as she smiles with them.
While they were acting childishly, Simone and her mother went out from the kitchen. Her mother hugged her.

"Tom?" Maggie, Lia's mother called him. While hearing this, Tom and Georg stopped wrestling and looked to her direction.

"Yes?" Tom answered.

"Thank you." Lia's mother smiled. Tom smiled in return.

Simone hugged Lia too. She didn't know what to do. She's actually hugging Bill's mom which made it really awkward. And the fact that they had talked before and it didn't turned out fine, contributed to the situation too.

Simone smiled at me. A sincere smile. Lia was glad that she didn't turned stoic in front of her.

Lia sat on one of the couches together with Georg, Gustav, and Tom. Just as when Tom was about to start the conversation, a guy, undeniably tall and skinny, with his long hair dropping down his shoulders, oh with those rose-tinted lips, as Lia described, came down from the stairs with just a simple tee and pants.

With this, Lia was shocked. Only one question was in her mind at the moment. How did he…

"Don't look so impressed. He might think he's a god again. He used the back door." Her question was answered quickly, all of a sudden. Lia can feel Tom's breath in her neck, in her bare skin near her ears. She can also feel him smirk behind her. Lia smirked in response and ignored his simple gesture.

Then, he looked at me. That hell of a guy who was walking from the stairs, near me was staring. So I grabbed enough courage and walked near him as well. He's not the only who can do such a stupid and fucking thing like this, right?

They were inches away from each other. Lia's mother and Simone were anticipating. Georg, Gustav, and Tom were also waiting for the next damn scene between Bill and Lia.

We stared at each other. They said I'm tall but he was taller than me so I managed to look up a bit. Here I go again, staring at his beautiful brown eyes and now, down to his divine lips. I swear, I saw a smirk from his damn lips. I looked at my mother first, then to Simone. I looked at Georg, who was grinning to his seat like an idiot, and then to Gustav whose eyes were wide from what he's seeing, and lastly, I looked at Tom. He was smirking. God! This is killing me! So I put up courage and looked at him. He was shooting glares at me so I stood straight and gave him a big slap on his beautiful, pale face. Yes, you got it right. A big slap! One fucking point for Lia Antonio!
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