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Chapter 8:"What Else Can You Do Without Me?"

"Are you sure about this Lia?" His arms were across his chest. Her father smiled yet anxiousness was undeniably visible through his manly face.

"Aaaahhh!!!" Lia was astounded as she saw her father just outside the room, next to the huge, wooden door, when she walked out of the room after the conversation with the Kaulitz. Adding to this was the thunder and lightning mixing with the heavy rain. Lia can't deny the fact that though she seems to be a gentle yet tough lady, she still fears of the simplest things anyone could ever imagine. She fears of ghosts, although there are no such damn things. She also fears of separation. Yes, separation. That was why she got weak when her father left. The question is: What will happen if she left? Will someone get weak as she was when the parting took place?
Well, as for the fear that she doesn't admit even to herself, it will be the fear of loving someone who will not love her in return. And with this, that should explain everything.

"Papa! You scared me!" She shouted while covering her beautiful face. Her father nearly laughed at the sight of her daughter who was childishly covering her face as if she saw a ghost.

"Come. Sit with me on the couch." Her father led her to the living room, to talk with him. She obviously knew that he heard the conversation between her and Bill.

Her father sighed deeply and finally found the appropriate words to say.

"Are you sure about your decision, my princess?"

Lia looked at her father who was looking at her with so much concern.

"I mean, have you thought of the possible things that may happen? Have you considered them properly?" Her father asked.

Lia let out a deep sigh before answering her father's questions.

"I think so. Yes, papa." She said apprehensively. She doesn't know how he'll react to this. She doesn't know if he was okay with the decision she had made.

"You think so? So, you are not sure are you?" Her father was really determined to ask her these things. He doesn't want anything worse to happen to his beautiful daughter.

"Papa, is there something wrong with my decision?" Lia finally asked. This was what bothered her the most. She knew her father was reliable in every single way possible and to know that he doesn't agree in any decision she had made so far, whatsoever, will be really frustrating.

"No. Actually, I was really glad that you made a decision." His father smiled in assurance. "It's just that, I want to know why all of a sudden, you decided to go to Germany?" Now, he was grinning, smiling ear to ear. Lia knew that look. That was the look he gave her when he knew something about Nicholas especially when they're talking about him privately. That's impossible though. He would never think of that.

"Papa? Why are you looking at me like that?!" Lia asked while suspecting of her father's looks.

"Do you want me to be honest?" Her father asked holding her hand.

Lia nodded in response to her father's question. She desperately wants to know what her father thought of the situation and the decision she had made. Her father's opinions for her were like rubies. That was how important they would be.

"Are you starting to like him?" Her father asked in a straight-forward manner still smiling.

"OF COURSE NOT!" Lia shouted to reply almost in a flash of lightning while standing up, annoyance visible through her face. She was shocked by her father's question. She never thought that her father would ask that kind of stupid question. She never thought her father would think of that and consider it in the first place.  

"Hey! Just calm down, my princess. I was just asking. It's not a crime is it?" Her father laughed at this and made her sit down on the couch beside him once again.

"I just can't believe that you would think of that. I don't like Bill! Actually, I don't want to see him and his mother in the first place." She said, now more calm as her father was just beside her, listening to her intently.

"Then why do you…"

"I'm desperate to forget everything that would have to do with Nicholas. I'm really desperate to live my life and to be happy and…"

"That's why you will have to force yourself to Bill?" Her father interrupted her with a question far more straight-forward yet wrong for her own perspective.

"Papa, you're disgusting! I will not force myself to that person! He's really some kind of a bitch. No one really wants to be with him. I will be going to Germany just because of our plan." Lia said as a matter of fact. She really can't believe that her father would over think these things.

"Plan? What plan is this you're talking about?" Her father asked more concerned rather than curious.

"Papa, I thought you overheared the conversation that was why I expected for you to know and that I would not explain anymore." Lia said, pouting childishly. Her father smiled.

"Actually I just heard that you agreed with the guy named, what's his name? Anyways, I heard that you agreed with him to go to Germany but about the plan, I wasn't able to hear it. And for your information my daughter, I didn't eavesdrop. I accidentally heard you shout and I thought that there was a problem." This was what Lia admires from her father. He was really honest with her and really open in the sense that they can really tell each other's outlooks or sentiments and trust each other.

"His name is Tom. He's the twin brother of Bill. He's really more polite and sweet unlike Bill. God, he has so much self-esteem! He's so annoying!" Lia said exasperated with the conversation they're having about Bill.

Her father stared at her for a while as if trying to read his daughter anxiously. After a minute or so, he asked once again hoping that Lia will answer.

"Then, may I know this plan you were talking about a while ago?" He asked calmly.

"It's simple! We must you know, prove to them that we can't really get along and that we can't live together so that they will not consider the arrangement anymore!" Lia said enthusiastically. She was glad with Bill's plan at the same time, glad that she finally said it to her father.

"And how would you exactly do that?" Her father smiled and asked calmly.

"We must act! Like there would be chaos every day." She said childishly.

"Actually, from what I accidentally heard a while ago, the way you communicate and such, you will not have to act. It will come naturally." Her father laughed as he said this.

"Si! Exactly! I think that would be easy and fun at the same time!" She smirked naughtily. Her father saw that smile from her which made him tap her soft and delicate hands rather hardly.

"Ouch! Papa! Che cosa è questo (What is that for)?!" Lia asked stroking her painful hands back and forth. She can't help but think that her father could be childish, just like her, sometimes.

"Be a good girl while you're in Germany, ok? I totally respect your decision but I don't want you to get hurt. Be very careful, ok?" Lucas said as if his daughter was still a child, asking for his permission to go to the park and play with her friends. Lia rolled her eyes as her father asked her such things.

"Si (Yes), si, papa. I'm really aware of that. You don't have to tell me." Lia said with a firm yet soft voice.

"Buona (Good)."

Lia and her father sat down on the couch and catch up with the lost times that they haven't been able to spend together. Lia's father wanted to make it up to his daughter for the times that he has not been with her in her birthdays and for every Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Lia was really glad that her father saw the cover of the new magazine she was featured in. He was really proud of his daughter, her achievements, and Lia's career which was pretty strong.

It was still raining and Lia was really uncomfortable. She was worried that she can't go home and that her mother may find out that she was in her father's house.

"You seemed to be worried. What's the problem?" Lucas asked, curiosity visible through his face.

"I'm afraid we need to go home. Mom might find out that I'm here sooner or later." Lia said. Her head slightly bowed as she said this. She really didn't want to go home not because of the fact that her mother was there but because she missed her father so much.

Lucas just stood up with his daughter and hugged her so tightly. He can't even say goodbye to Lia. It was really painful for him.


"Yes?" Her father asked in return.

"Could you do me a favor before I leave?" Lia asked her father, still hugging him tightly in return.

"Anything my princess, anything for you." Her father said happily.

"Help me get through with this. Be with me all the way."


Mathilde and Lia decided to go home at about 5:00 in the afternoon. They rode the Florence Santa Maria Novella Train Station and travelled for another one hour and thirty minutes. It was good that no one noticed the beautiful Lia Antonio as they arrived at Rome. The weather actually helped them. Mathilde fetched a taxi and they went straight home.

When they're finally home, Lia was really happy that her mother was not yet around. She didn't even receive a call from her mom which means that she still doesn't know about the whole thing.

Mathilde went into the guestroom and decided to rest. Lia, on the other hand, decided the same. As she was walking, being able to pass by her mother's room, she heard sobs from inside. She held the door knob and turned it slowly.

When she finally opened the door, she saw her mother lying on the bed, crying. Lia can't help but feel so gloomy at the sight of her mother.

"Mom? Tell me what's wrong." Lia said as she sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her mother crying intently.

As her mother heard Lia's voice, she quickly sat down and wiped her face.

"Oh! You're here. Nein, nein. I'm fine. Where have you been? What time did you arrive?" Her mother wiped Lia's question away as she wipe her own tears.

"Mom, answer my question." Lia said calmly, softly yet firm.

To this, her mother covered her face and sobbed. She can't speak for a moment yet she finally found words to say to her daughter.

"I'm…uh…really sorry, Lia. It's just…I love you so much. I can't…accept the fact that you're being really unreasonable to your health and emotions just because of Nicholas. I don't want you to be ruined. Believe me. I want you to be happy. I don't want you to be like me." Lia's mother, Maggie, said rather fast yet Lia still comprehended it. Lia decided to hug her mother.

"Mom, I love you too and I'm really sorry for my reaction about the arrangement. It's just that, I'm really too young mom." Lia said now looking at her mother's eyes then looking down.

"I know. Actually that was my point, you're really young yet you act like this. You act as if you didn't know life. You live rather gloomily than happy. I just want you to be happy." Her mother smiled while saying this. She was undeniably happy that she had the opportunity to say this to her daughter and Lia, in return, was both happy and sad.

"Mom, maybe you're right. I'm not happy anymore. Honestly, I wanted to forget everything about Nicholas. I just can't find the right reasons." Lia said stoically and firmly.

"Then let us help you with that." Her mother offered. Lia can really see the sincerity in her mother's eyes.


"Go with me in Germany. The Kaulitz family and Bill's band were so eager to see you!" Her mother exclaimed with joy. Bill is an exception. We just need to use each other for the plan. Lia thought to herself.

"Mom, how about the paparazzi? They might suspect me or us. Then they may write articles about us and will exaggerate it over and over again. Mom, aren't you tired of all the controversies about our family which were not true?" Lia asked.

Well, this was a part of their plan right? Bill asked her to act effectively so might as well give it her best.

"Don't worry about the paparazzi. I'll ask Bill to handle everything." Her mother smiled while looking at her daughter teasingly. Lia was now shocked about this. Why would she ask Bill to handle everything? He said we'll not communicate or even look at each other's direction, right? It just proves that we'll act like complete strangers. Besides, we'll not see each other every day. Lia smiled and smirked at the thought of not seeing each other. She's undeniably irritated by Bill's voice. How much more if she sees him?

"So…" Her mother wiped her train of thought. "Agree?"


As promised by her mother, after a week, Lia went to Florence to see her father once again. Lia smiled to herself as her father opened the door for her and enveloped her in a tight embrace. Her mother was just in the car and decided not to see the father of her child.

"So, when will you go to Germany?" Lia's father asked while leading his daughter to the living room and sitting on the couch.

"Tonight, papa. I just asked mom if we could stop by." Lia said. She was really excited yet she was very nervous at the same time. Maybe because she will have to see new people.

"Well, are you ready? You seemed a little…uhmm…flushed." Lia's father said while anxiousness was visible through his face.

"I don't know. I'm really excited but just the thought of leaving Nicholas for too long…"

"He doesn't deserve a princess like you." Lia's father said, sincerely smiling to his daughter to encourage her to go on.


Mathilde decided to stay at home so that she cannot see Lia having to go to Germany for the arrangement. Lia didn't tell her about the plan Bill intended to do.

Just when Lia and her mother stepped outside their expensive car, a crowd of people holding different types of recorders and cameras went around them.

Lia was just wearing shorts and a simple tee yet they were able to notice her.

"Mom! I thought no one knew that we're going to Germany tonight?!" Lia whispered to her mother. She was annoyed yet she forced a smile to escape from her lips so as not to let the people know that she's actually feeling the opposite.

"I thought so too! I'm sorry. I didn't expect this to happen." Lia's mother said in surprise. She was also faking a smile.

"Miss Lia Antonio, we heard that you will be going to Germany. What are your plans for the visit?" A reporter asked.

"Actually, I haven't thought of that. Maybe you could help me." Lia smiled. She was really good in communicating with the crowd.

"Miss Lia, we heard that your magazine was a blast! Please tell us about it!" One of the people in the crowd asked.

"Well, I actually didn't expect it to be what you called a blast! I was just really happy that it turned out to be a success and that my parents were proud of me." Lia showed her beautiful half-smile.

"Where exactly in Germany will you stay?"

"We'll be staying in Berlin." Her mother answered the question for her. Lia stared at her mother when she answered the question directly.

"Oohh… so Miss Lia, you will have the chance of seeing the most successful Rock Band, Tokio Hotel! What do you think of them?"

"Uhmm…oh well…with all honesty, I really don't know them that well." Lia said rather embarrassed. Her mother stood there beside her and Lia can't do anything but stay with the reporters and answer the fucking questions.

"Really?! You haven't heard of them or their songs or even in the magazines?!" A reporter, deep in his voice asked.

"Well, of course, I heard that they're good but maybe I'm just not fond of rock music that was why I wasn't really interested." She smirked. I'll have my revenge on you Bill. Lia thought to herself while smiling at the possible sight of Bill, watching the interview, really annoyed.

"So, tell us more about your personal life miss Lia. I bet you have millions of suitors falling in line outside your house." The crowd of reporters laughed to this and even Lia can't help but giggle childishly.

"Actually, I don't entertain suitors." Lia smirked.

"But why? I mean…"

"It's because she's engaged. So if you would excuse us, we need to leave." Her mother interrupted the conversation. The crowd went crazy. Even Lia was speechless as her mother was now dragging her calmly yet firm. Her eyes were wide in shock.

The reporters were throwing questions everywhere and Lia can't do anything but to smile. That was the least that she can do.

Guards came just on time and rescued them from the reporters and the crowd of people.

Luckily, they board the plane in safe hands.

Lia was looking at her mother. She was not angry with her for she was still on shock. She just wanted an explanation. Maggie, her mother, knew that look Lia's giving her.

"I did that just so they would stop. Don't worry, when we arrive at Germany, we'll clear things out." Her mother said with calmness in her voice.

Lia was still in shock. She was speechless. She sat there silently and rested her head when suddenly, her phone rang.

"Ciao? Chi è questo? Mi chiamo dopo? Sono davvero stanco al momento. I'm sleepy. Could you just...(Hello? Who's this? Can you call later? I'm really tired right now.)"

"Lia, your mother is worse." Bill laughed hysterically. Lia was shocked. She almost threw the phone.

"Who's that?" Her mother asked.

"Oh. Just a friend, mom. Uhmm... excuse me for a second." Lia said as she stood up and decided to go to use the toilet.

"What were you saying?" Lia whispered while sitting childishly on the toilet.

"I said, your mother was worse than my mom." Bill laughed loudly.

"What? Is there something funny about it? The interview together with the statement of my mother shocked the hell out of me. You're not supposed to laugh about this. You need to help me. When we arrive there, I need to clear things out. I need to..."

"You're weird." Bill said now serious.

"Excuse me?!" Lia exclaimed. She was now standing, hands on her waist, and her eyebrows raising to its maximum.

" It's just that ladies scream their lungs out when they saw me and now you seem to disagree to the fact that we're engaged. Isn't that weird? The people love me, Lia!" Bill said arrogantly. Lia rolled her eyes with his statement.

"I'm always an exception, Bill. Remember that." Lia smirked and rolled her beautiful brown eyes.

"See you in Berlin, bitch." He pushed the button and ended the call.


They arrived at exactly 8:00 pm. They traveled for almost 2 hours and she wasn't able to get some sleep.

Lia wore her shades and braided her beautiful hair which can help to reduce the possibility of another crowd.
Just as when Lia and her mother was inside the Berlin Tegel Airport, one more group of people, carrying cameras of different sizes and microphones circled around Lia and her mother.

"Miss Lia Antonio, is the engagement true?"

"Who was the lucky man?"

"When will be the marriage, miss Lia?"

Lia's mother is now dragging her daughter away from the crowd. Guards lead them the way but there seems to be a problem. People was desperate to know the answer so some decided to break the rules of mass media. Some bumps through the guards just to get a statement from the infamous Lia Antonio.

Lia and her mother were still far from the car when suddenly, their hands separated because of the crowd. They were just desperate to get the answer.

Just as her hands separated from her mother, another hand held hers firmly and snatched her from the crowd. They ran to the other side of the airport and went inside another car. The guy started it quickly and put his hoodie down.

"What else can you do without me?" The guy smirked. Lia doesn't know him yet. But she can sense that he's some bitch.

"Shut up and drive!"
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