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Chapter 11: "There Are Times That You Will Have to Lie."

"Stay with you?! Are you fucking insane?! Did a bug went inside your ears and attacked your fucking head?!" Lia shouted at Bill who was focused speeding the car. She was annoyed, pissed. She put her elbows near the glass window and rested it there.

I really can't understand him. I wanted to slap him all over again. Now, I'm really pissed off!

He was not answering my fucking question. His eyes were just glued outside, looking at the road we were traveling in. I was pissed. Yes. But when I look at him, there seems to be an invisible calmness through his expressions. His eyes were relaxed. His lips were slightly opened. His face seemed peaceful. Is this kind of a miracle?

"Are you that stupid?" Bill said all of a sudden. Lia was shocked; undeniably shocked that she looked at Bill with wide eyes. He's not moving from his seat and he slightly slowed down a bit. Lia can't understand. He's sort of speaking with an alien language.

"EXCUSE ME?!"Now, this is another fucking argument.

"Loving someone who doesn't love you? Do you enjoy that?" He smiled. Bill smiled. That was a different smile. Not a smirk, not a smug, but a smile.

I was shocked by what he asked. This topic makes my stomach turn upside down. Not because of disgust but because that was a sensitive part of my life. No one dares to ask me that, even my mom or Papa, or even Mathilde. I was always the first one who'll open the subject to them if I wish to. But this is a different situation. It's as if he stabbed me with a knife.

Lia turned her gaze outside. The rain was pouring too hard. She stared at the downpour as it slides on the glass window of the car. It slides as her tears ran from her eyes.

"Your mom told me a while ago. She cried actually." Bill said honestly. Lia kept looking outside. She doesn't want him to see her crying. Actually, she wants him to see her as a bitch more than a lady like this. A lady who believes in love.

"Haha!" Lia laughed sarcastically. She had the courage to look at Bill as she wiped her tears away, hoping that he didn't notice. "And you believed her? She just wanted to let us live together. Your mom did almost the same thing a while ago. She almost begged me and I think that was just their technique to make us live in that exact same house." Lia said firmly. She doesn't want him to hear her voice crack because of the subject they were having at the moment. Never in her life would she want to talk about this. Never.

"Look at me, I fuck girls who are dying to have me in their bed every single night. But the truth of the matter is I don't love them. No strings attached. That simple. That easy. That fun." Bill smirked. Lia really can't fathom what he's saying. He was disgusting at the most part, for Lia.

"So are you asking me to have sex with guys who I don't actually know and just let them get under me?! And what?! For fun?!" Lia said outspokenly. She smirked the same way he did. Now she needs to act bitchy.

"Ughh... You made it sound so disgusting!" Bill's face looks like sickened with what Lia said considering the fact that, that was what he was almost asking her to do.

"You ARE disgusting!" Lia said bluntly while smiling at him.

He looks like he's going to puke anytime soon! Haha! So cute! Oh did I really just think of that? Hell no! I was just joking.

"What I meant was..."

"You don't need to explain Mr. Bill Kaulitz. I get what you're saying. I need to have sex with almost every fucking guy in this fucking world!" Lia shouted with delight. It's as if she got out of a cage locked by a beast. Lia laughed. A sincere laugh. Bill then, looked at her, smiling, confusion, and disgust visible through his face.

He acted like he's going to puke."Yuck. Lia, please, don't ever mention it. You made it sound disgusting. Really disgusting!"

We both laughed in unison. Oh god! This is unfathomable! A while ago we were fighting like hell and now it's as if we're totally good friends. It sucks!


I opened my eyes. It was dark. Where am I? Oh god! Is this a kidnap? Damn. Did Bill kidnap me? What does he want?! Where is he?! Maybe he was calling my mother and is getting a ransom! Or maybe... rape?! Lia then realized that she still have clothes.

Oh yes. A really large sweater is really applicable for this cold weather. What?! I'm wearing a large sweater?! Just a large sweater covering my body besides my undershirt and underwear?! I was wearing shorts and a simple tee last night! Why the hell am I wearing...

"KAAUUULLLIIIITTZZZ!"  Lia shouted as she sat down on the bed. Just as when she shouted, a palm of hand covered her mouth as she was still shouting. She struggled to make that hand leave her mouth when suddenly, the lampshade from the other side of the bed lit up, revealing a distressed skinny guy.

Bill was just wearing boxer shorts. Just a fucking boxer shorts! Lia thought as she looked at Bill's body down to his shorts. Bill then stopped covering her mouth and scratched his eyes lightly.

He looks like a lady. A hot lady? Oh god Lia, stop eyeing him that much!

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Bill shouted as he yawns, still scratching his eyes childishly.

He was coping with the light given by the lamp shade which made his eyes look like he's glaring. Lia, stop staring will you?! Find words to say! Speak up!

"Where am I?! What am I wearing?!" Lia shouted at Bill who was still yawning like a lazy child.

"Are you that stupid?! You're in a room with a bed and is currently wearing a... uhh.." He eyed Lia's clothes before completely saying what she's wearing at the moment. "Tom's baggy sweatshirt."

Lia stood up completely, looking at what she was wearing and then at the skinny guy on the bed.

I just stared at him with my hands on my waist. He smirked as he stood up and went nearer and nearer until our lips were just inches apart. He smirked but then, I took courage. I stepped backwards but it turned out that my back was already on the wall. I looked into his eyes and realized that they were different. He put both of his hands on the wall just beside my face. I stood there frozen. I was nervous. My heart was skipping fast. I didn't know what to do. This was the first time that I saw him like this. It's as if my tongue wasn't able to create the right words to utter.

He stared at me. It's as if he's reading my soul. And then he did what I wasn't expecting of him to do.

He punched the wall.

"Have you forgotten?! I told you not to fucking look at my direction!"

Then he went to get his robe on the couch in the room and went to go outside. But then, he stopped when he was at the door.

"It's still early. I haven't told David to get your baggage. Use the clothes on top of the table first. Those are Tom's. If you're hungry, just go down." Bill shut the door with a bang and left Lia in the room.

I.. uhhh.. What just happened? I can't understand him! Damn! He's unfathomable! Ridiculous!


I looked at the clock. It was still 5:00 am. I went to get the towels and other essentials on top of the table which he pointed a while ago.

I went straight into the bathroom. It was undeniably huge! The shower area was really cool. I can't say that his room is actually better than mine. I'm girly you know? And girls will never be the same as guys. Oh yeah right Lia. Damn!

The shower area was really weird though. It's a little see-through yet there seemed to be an effect in it that makes you unable to see anything. It's like blurred yet you can see every person's silhouette which added to its cool effect. I went inside and took a hot bath.

I thought of how Bill looked at me just a while ago. I mean, damn what was that?! His eyes were like the scariest yet it was the sultriest glare I have ever seen and then there were his lips. The way he bites them lightly was....Oh god! Lia! What are you thinking?! Are you insane?! Why are you thinking of him?!

Lia thought to herself as she shook her head in annoyance and confusion.

After a while, I ended the shower and put the towel around me. I looked at myself in the big mirror inside the bathroom. There was a marble flat surface attached on the wall and there rests all of his essentials. Lotions, branded shampoos which I'm also using, liquid soaps, and make-up were seen. Make-up?! Oh and there were hairsprays and hair blowers too! What the hell?! Why is he using such things?! This guy is really something!

I went out of the room and looked at the clothes that were on top of the quaint table. I held it in between my hands and inspected it. Bill said it was Tom's but it was not baggy. They were big, yes but not baggy. It was a big polo shirt which seems like it was used for a special occasion. Oh! I don't have my undergarments! Shit!

I looked at the table once again and I saw boxer shorts. Who owns these?! And what I saw under those boxers were a little stunning. There was a brassiere in there. Now that was something! I quickly put on the shorts and the polo and grabbed the bra on its strap using my fingers. But before going outside, I checked myself on the huge mirror and saw myself enveloped in Tom's clothes. They were up to the top of my knees just like a skirt! Huge huh?! The boxers can't be seen and so as my chest which was good, but for safety I decided to cover them with my long brunette hair.

"Lia! Ready to go outside and face the bitch?! Good!" Lia said to herself with the bra strap still on her index finger before she went outside.


As Lia walked down the stairs, she was amazed by the beauty of the house. It was clean considering that four boneheads were living in it. Well, she actually didn't know where Bill has taken her. But she had a feeling that this was the lodge where they were staying.

It was not so dark. There was enough light for her to see everything in the house, including the one person she was annoyed and confused of. Bill Kaulitz.

He was drinking coffee and is staring outside the large glass window of the house. Well, the weather was still not in a wonderful condition. Drops of rain were visibly sliding past on the window. So how the hell am I going to enjoy my so called "vacation" here?! Damn nice huh!

Well, his hair was in a twist. He was just wearing his robe, revealing a part of his bare chest. He was skinny yet his body is gorgeous. His face was pale but he was undeniably beautiful from afar. Oh what have I thought? Gorgeous?! No! Hell no! I was just joking! I think...

I didn't know what to say to him. I was shocked by what happened a while ago and the fact that I slept in his bed with him. I didn't know what happened last night and how did I get on these clothes in the first place!  So I decided to just put the brassiere on top of the marble counter in front of him. He looked straight in my eyes and sipped from his cup once again.

There was an awkward silence as Lia went to make her own coffee. But then, a while later, she heard him utter words that she can't imagine he would actually say.

"Uhmm... I'm sorry." An apology. A miracle, once again!

"Sorry? For what? For making me wear a dirty bra from a dirty woman you just had sex with?" Lia finally sat across him after she was done making her own coffee. She wasn't looking at him. She was actually busy stirring her coffee.

"Gott! You're impossible and disgusting by the way!" Bill shook his head. Lia laughed. A sincere laugh was seen through her.

He looked cute while he shook his head. Lia thought as she giggles.

Lia composed herself. She breathed in and out. She wanted to speak but the silence seemed to eat her alive. She didn't know what to do. She just stared at her coffee.

"And about last night... You were tired so you slept in the car." Bill started after a long moment of silence.

I looked at him but he was not looking at me. He was staring at his empty cup of coffee which he was playing with his hands. He did not opened the incident a while ago; thus, the incident last night. Well, I think that is good. It would be really awkward if we argue about that... I think.

"I wanted to wake you up but then Tom stopped me. He asked Georg to carry you." Bill's voice sounded really embarrassed at the same time, firm.

"So, unfortunately, he carried me into your room. Is that it?" Lia looked at him seriously.

Why is he acting like this? He seemed bored and not caring! So stoic yet his eyes express everything. Why can't I help searching for his eyes every time we're having a conversation? Lia, what the hell is wrong with you?!

"Obviously." He smiled. "And I was really tired that I didn't mind you sleeping on that fucking bed." He rolled the empty cup of coffee in front of me and looked at me straight in the eyes.

"And how about that baggy sweatshirt early in the morning? Why am I wearing such a thing? I can't really remember myself waking up from my sleep and actually wearing that." Lia grabbed Bill's cup and put it properly in front of him.

"It was Natalie. Don't worry. I wouldn't want to see anything from you anyway." He laughed. Oh his eyes while he's laughing. They always seem to be glaring at me.

I raised my eyebrows at him while smirking. The look was pertaining to that lady... Uhmm.. Natalie. Yes, Natalie was her name. Maybe she was the owner of that undergarment? Oh damn! What am I thinking?!

"Oh gott! Lia! You're the most disgusting lady I have ever met! She's older than me! She's my stylist! I really don't know why I should explain these things to you!" Bill shouted at her. Oohh.. I thought she was... Lia, you're making some illusions inside your head. Wake up! Lia thought as she laughed once again, now holding her stomach. Bill was smiling at the sight of her yet he was hiding it.

"Stop laughing!" He was trying hard not to laugh. That smile from his lips. Why do I keep on expecting for it to come out every time I see him? Lia, don't be ridiculous! This guy is unfathomable! There are times that you laugh and times that you fight. Mostly fighting. So don't be too comfortable around him!

Lia was still laughing. Her laugh was the cutest anyone could ever hear. It was the kind of laugh that is really and undeniably contagious.

Oh god! I can't stop laughing at the thought of Bill and Natalie! Oh mio dio! My stomach is aching!

"In case you didn't know." Bill paused and gets something from the pocket of the robe. "I have your precious phone Ms. Lia." Bill smirked. Now this is another fucking situation!

"Then let me have it!" Lia almost shouted between laughs.

"Uh-uh! Not until you stop laughing." Bill then stood up and held the phone in his hands tightly.
Lia stood up as well and is trying her best to get her phone from him. Bill raised the phone up high to his maximum capability and Lia tried to reach his hands for the phone.

"Hey, bitch! Let me have that!" Lia was holding Bill at his robe firmly while she was reaching for her phone.

"Bitch?! Now that's another offense!" After telling her, he then ran to the living room childishly, still holding the phone in his hands.

"Offense?! I didn't know that calling you a bitch is offensive to you Mr. Kaulitz." Lia ran after him, still hoping that she would get her phone back. Bill then stopped running and stared at her, raising his eyebrow with his arms crossed on his chest.

"What?!" Lia said. He's looking at me again. I mean, glaring! Damn why?!

He was staring at me but I was curious! Why? Why was he staring at me?! Then I saw his eyes once again. Brown. They were brown while sparkling in the light. And then his skin, his chest, everything. Perfect? Well, Bill Kaulitz isn't perfect at all! Period!

"Second offense Ms. Lia. You will not want to make it up to the third degree. Would you?" Bill smirked.

Here we go again. He was going near me just like the incident a while ago. His stares were amazingly making me have goose bumps on my skin. He was mad when I looked at his direction a while ago but he looks at me as if he wants me to just lay my eyes on him.

As he got nearer, I was stepping backward. One step forward from him makes me step backwards as well. And then I saw his hand gripping lightly at my phone. This is it! An opportunity!

Lia then grabbed the perfect opportunity and tried to get the phone from him. But Lia exerted so much force that she almost jumped at him in excitement.

That was when they stumbled on the floor, fortunately, on the carpet with Lia on top of the skinny guy.

"Oww!" Bill said as he felt pain. Lia then grabbed the phone from him and smiled happily just like a child, getting a present on Christmas Day.

Just when I was celebrating for being able to get my phone from Bill, I noticed something really weird. I looked at the guy under me. He was staring with his arm under his head and smiling naughtily at my direction. I can feel his other hand on my back and noticed the position we were in. Damn! Is this really happening?!

"Those are really nice!" He smiled as he looked inside the shirt. I forgot that what I was wearing was loose! I tried to hit him on the head but he put my hands away and leaned forward which made my eyes widen. I hope he didn't notice!

Just as when he looks at my lips and was about to say something, I saw someone eyeing us from my peripheral vision. Bill seemed to notice the same thing and so with this, both Bill and I looked from the direction of the person.

"BILL! LIA!" Tom greeted them with a smile. A different smile with a meaning. His smile was like his brother's when something evil was in their minds. And then, his expression went from happy and smiling to a stoic one. "I told you to get a fucking room, remember?! Use your room Bill!"

Just when Tom was done shouting at his brother, Lia's phone rang.





Lia held her phone and stood up as quickly as she can before sticking her middle finger out to Tom. Tom laughed at this and helped his brother up. Lia then answered the phone call and sat on the big and soft couch in the living room.

"Ciao?" I saw Georg and Gustav going down from the stairs. Georg was yawning too hard and when he saw me, he grinned naughtily. Gustav on the other hand, saluted to greet me good morning. I smiled at him and continued with the conversation with the unknown caller.

"Hello?" A girl with a really high-pitched voice was heard.

"Ciao? Who's this?" Lia said. Her forehead was as if crumpled seeing Bill glaring at him as if he's going to eat her alive before going upstairs to his room. Tom on the other hand, did nothing but laugh at the sight of Lia really annoyed at the both of them.

"Lia? Lia Antonio? Do you remember me?! I'm Hanne! Hanne Bruning!"

Her voice, her high-pitched voice. I think I remember this girl. How could I ever forget?! My best friend whom I met in the party last year for Vogue! Fuck! How could I ever forget a sweet girl like her?!

Well, Hanne Bruning is a German model of different agencies. I was invited in a victory party for Vogue and she was also there. Well, she's smaller than me. Anyone could definitely notice that. Anyways, she was also there. I don't really recognize anyone in the grand party so I approached her. She looks young and with just a second, we had a very good connection towards each other! We became really good friends!

"Hanne?! Oh mio dio!!! How could I forget you?! Damn! How are you? I mean... why did you..."

"I saw you in the news last night! Damn! You're gorgeous! No wonder why the paparazzi ran after you. So, is it true?" Hanne Bruning interrupted Lia. She was confused at what her best friend asked.

"What do you mean? What was true?" Lia asked rather confused.

"That you're engaged!" Hanne shouted in excitement. Lia's mouth opened agape and she nodded in disagreement. Not because of what her best friend thought of but because of the scene Georg brought up. He was holding the brassiere, which Bill forgot to bring with him, and is swaying it in the air. His face was as if accusing Lia of forgetting her undergarment on the top of the counter, which she denied almost exaggeratedly. "It was Bill! Ask him!" Lia mouthed in a flash of lightning. Gustav and Georg laughed to death while Tom held the brassiere in his hands and went upstairs quickly.  

"Lia?! Still there?!" Hanne shouted still with excitement in her voice.

Oh! So is that Tom's girl's? Now I'm totally confused! Lia thought as she saw Tom pulled the undergarment from Georg's grip.

"ANTONIO?!" Lia almost lost her grip of the phone but she immediately went to her senses again and answered the question.

"Oh! Of course not! I was here for a vacation! Wait! Are you in Berlin?" Lia asked her so as to change the subject immediately. Just thinking of the arrangement gave her the creeps.

"Of course! Actually, that was also one of the reasons why I called. I was going to invite you to a party in FELIX!" Hanne said. Lia laughed at the thought of her best friend fainting just because of excitement.

"You can count on me, bitch!" Lia smirked. This was my very first nightclub party in Berlin! Yeah! No one can spoil the fun!

"Good! See you around 10:00pm?" Hanne asked enthusiastically.

"10 'til morning then." Lia giggled childishly. She looked really excited.

"Haha! I know you would want that! Well, we have some catching up to do right? It's been a year! So, see you later?" Hanne shouted with delight. Lia smiled to this.

"Yeah! See you later then." Lia pushed the button and ended the call with a grin on her face. She was very excited at the thought of having a really good social life. She wants to have fun every single time. She's in the legal age in the first place and this was what she thinks of every single night before going to bed. How to have fun in Germany? And this was the start.

"Hey Lia! Waffles?" Gustav cried out from the kitchen while smiling. Georg, on the other hand was drinking his coffee.

"Oh! Sure! Thanks!" Lia said as she walked to the kitchen. Waffles are her favorite.
Just as when she's going to take a bite of it, her phone rang once again.

I looked at the screen and the caller I.D. appeared. It was my mom. She was the one who made me stay here with the most annoying man in the earth. She told him about my personal life

And with this, Lia pressed the button and declined the call.

"Who was that?" Gustav said with a curious expression in his face.

"No one." Lia smiled and swept his question away. Just as when she said this, she saw Georg grinning at her just like a child.

"Goodness Georg!" Lia shook her head at the sight of him now laughing to his lungs.

"So, how was last night, Ms. Antonio? How did it went?" He smirked. Now he was giving me a mischievous smile. I think I know that kind of look he's giving me. The kind of look which has evil thoughts in his fucking head.

"I know what you're thinking assh*le." With this, Lia stood up and stick another middle finger to Georg. Gustav and Georg were laughing too hard at this.

"Hey! Where are you going? We're not yet done talking here!" Georg shouted as he saw Lia going upstairs.

"None of your business!" I shouted with irritation.

I went upstairs when I thought of my baggage. My things were there. Important things indeed. My party clothes were there too. How could I go to the party without those, right? Then I remembered my mom last night. He asked Bill to tell, what's his name, yeah David to get my baggage early in the morning but I guess he forgot.

Just when I was at the door of Bill's room and was going to knock, the door opened. Tom was seen and as I can see, he was really shocked when he saw me.

"Oh! Hey Lia!" Just that and he walked away without smiling. His face was as if, raging with fire. What happened?

After a moment of thinking, I decided to go inside and ask Bill to call David. Unfortunately, Bill wasn't there. And then, the sound of the running water answered the question in my mind quickly.

"Bill?" Lia called outside the bathroom just beside the door. She was leaning her back on the wall.

"What?!" Bill shouted. Now I think the earlier question in my mind was answered. He and his brother had an argument.

"I would just like to ask you something." Lia said a little gentle than before. She was still leaning at the wall when suddenly, the skinny guy opened the door of the shower room.

Oh damn. Lia! Can't you wait until he finally gets down?! Look at what you can see right now compared to waiting for just a few minutes downstairs?! Stupid little girl.

Lia thought as she saw Bill with just a towel covering his lower body.

Droplets of water was falling down his beautiful face down to his chest. His long hair with white dreads was still fresh from the shower for it was drooping, lying down on his skin. He went out the bathroom with a glare in his beautiful eyes. His face was as if asking me what the hell is my problem!

"Oh! Uhmm... Sorry. I'll just...wait for you outside? Yeah. I'll just..." Lia said almost finding hard to search for the right words to come out from her mouth. She then decided to walk out of the room. Her nervousness is coming out from her without any reason.
Lia! Stuttering?! That was not in your vocabulary before. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Just as when Lia was near the door and was about to open it, Bill came after her and leaned against the door so that Lia wouldn't be able to open it. Bill then, crossed his arms on his chest and smirked endlessly.

"Excuse me. I'll just wait for you outside." I can't even look at his eyes. Damn! I was just here standing in front of this skinny guy, looking at this fucking door knob! Wow Lia! Amazing!

"Care to look at me?" Bill said with a rather gentle voice.

"You're ridiculous!" Then I held the doorknob. Just as when I did so, he hit my hand away and turned me around so my back was now against the door. He put his hands again, on the door near my face. That was when our eyes met.

"What are you going to ask Ms. Lia?" Bill smirked at me. His eyes are undeniably melting me away. What the hell is going on?"

"Fuck! Bill will you stay away?!" Lia said while pushing him away gently. "Uhmm... My baggage?! I wonder if you could call David now?" Lia was now looking at the glass window of Bill's room. She was undeniably avoiding his gaze.

"Yeah sure." He stood straight then walked away to get his phone. He looks annoyed as he sat down on his bed and dialed the phone.

"Hello?" The reciever of the call said. Bill turned the speakers on.

Just as when a man, deep in his voice answered the phone call, Bill tossed his cell phone to me and luckily, I caught it!

"Hello? Uhmm...It's Lia." I saw Bill getting clothes from his big closet and went inside the bathroom again while closing the door with a loud bang.

"Oh hey! Halo! How may I help you?" Bill's manager is nice. I wonder how he could deal to be with Bill every day. I really wonder how. He's somewhat unpredictable.

"Uhmm... actually I'm just wondering if Bill asked you a favor?" Lia asked gently. Her voice was so calm and collected.

"Lia, you should not be ashamed. Just tell me and I'll be willing to do it."

He was really nice indeed! Why are all the people being nice and polite to me except this bastard?! What's wrong with him?!

"Are you sure?" Lia said apprehensively.

"Haha! Of course!" He laughed and assured Lia that it will be really fine to ask him for a favor.

"It's about my baggage. Bill said that he'll call you to take them here but I guess he forgot...or he's just a bastard?" Lia whispered hoping that David, Tokio Hotel's manager wouldn't hear. But then what she thought was wrong.

"Haha! Lia, you should get used to it. I'm telling you. There is more to him that you cannot see yet."

What the fuck?! There is more to him?! What does that mean?! Does that mean there will be more troubles?!

"David?! More?! Hell no!" Lia whispered but her voice was so rough that annoyance was undeniably felt through her voice.

"Yes! More! Anyways, I'll be right there with your things in just a little while. Wait, does that mean you weren't able to use any clothes today? Are you going out of the house?" He said enthusiastically with a little bit of apprehension in his voice. Lia smiled to this.

"Thank you very much! Uhmm.. Actually, I used Tom's clothes today. Pity me. Anyways, I'll be going out later tonight so just take your time! Don't worry, Mr. Jost!" Lia said. She was glad that David was nice to her as well. At least many of the people aren't like Mr. Kaulitz. This was what she thought to herself, nevertheless.

"You're welcome! See you later then." Lia ended the call.

I put Bill's phone on top of his bed in the room. I can smell him. I can smell his wonderful, fresh scent. Simple yet it suits him well.
Just as when I was about to open the door, Bill went out of the bathroom with a Tee, jeans, and leather jacket adding to his appeal. What made me shocked was when I looked at his eyes and saw him wearing a black eye shadow which accentuated his beautiful brown eyes. He was drying his hair with a towel when he sat on the bed and looked to his cell phone then to me.

"Where are you going tonight?" He asked. Oh god. His hearing ability is so keen!

He was looking at me. I mean, glaring. Still glaring with an expression in his face which seems to be asking eagerly.
I turned around and held the door knob. He was now facing my back. I sighed deeply first before having the courage to talk to him.

"None of your business." I smirked, opened the door, and walked away.


"Thank you David!" Lia smiled to him and hugged him politely to thank the him for the favor.

"No problem Lia. So, do you wanna join us in the studio this afternoon? They will be rehearsing 'til morning! Gott! This will be a really long night!" David said enthusiastically while sitting on the chair near the counter table in the kitchen.

"Yes! That would be a really good idea, Lia!" Tom shouted. Gustav and Georg wanted the same thing. Well, I was really curious to see them play hard. I always wonder why they are called the most famous rock band of their generation! What is it with them which people see, especially girls, that they want them so badly?

I always asked myself on why I didn't really know them. I don't really know but was I not interested? Or was I really so attached to the thought of being with Nicholas that I cannot see anyone and I cannot feel anything anymore.

Well, I researched to know a lot of things about the infamous "Tokio Hotel". Yes. They were the most successful rock band considering that they're still young! Young and wild and free? Yes. That's the correct and appropriate term. That was also the term given to me by everyone in Italy. They said that I'm young yet I'm successful as hell. If only they knew what I'm feeling. If only they knew.

"No. She will be going out later tonight." Bill said as he was walking down the stairs, now wearing a bonnet.

"Really? Where are you going?" Georg asked her.

"Oh! Uhmm... Just going out with some friends." Lia smiled her anxiousness away. She was really glad with the idea of her best friend, Hanne. This is her chance to have fun!

"What time will you be going out?" Gustav asked her. He was also undeniably eager to have fun with her.

"10:00pm." Lia looked at Bill who was looking at his brother. They were doing the same thing again. They were as if talking with their eyes.

"Stay with us 'til 10 then we can bring you to the place if you want." Tom said now looking at Lia with sincerity.

"Yes Lia! So you would see Bill moan!" Georg grinned ear to ear and glared at me teasingly. I knew what that meant! God! How can they manage to be together?!

I rolled my eyes and saw Bill glaring at Georg. He seemed to notice this and with this, he tried hard not to laugh. Anyone who looks at Bill will definitely be scared. Except for his brother maybe.

"Don't mind him Lia." Gustav interrupted. "Just stay for a while with us, please?" He was so cute and adorable just like a teddy bear. Oh god! I don't think I can resist their charm. Maybe staying for a while with them will do? Maybe I'll just ignore the bitch and then just go with them.

"Hmm..." I thought about it for a while. They seemed to be anticipating for my answer. And then, I looked at Bill. He was staring deep down my soul, as if asking me not to come. But what should I do? I'm a bitch as well. Lia smirked to this. "Sure! But I'll just catch up later, I will be changing first. Go ahead I'll follow later." Lia smiled.

"Oh no no!" David said in disagreement. "Bill, wait for her 'til she's ready. We'll be going ahead first to set the things up." I saw Bill's expression. He was pissed. It's as if he wants to throw something. Yes! This was the expression I always wanted to see from him. The raging one.

"Why not you Jost?! Or Tom! Both of you came up with this idea anyway." Bill said, undeniably losing his patience. He rolled his eyes at them.

"Patience, Bill! You should have that." David said. And with this, David walked away and went outside.

"See you later Lia!" Gustav said. Lia nodded and smiled to him while her arms rested across her chest.

Georg smiled at me and looked at the both of us with a meaning. Bill then hit his arms with force which made Georg squeal with pain. Tom on the other hand, kissed me on my cheek and waved goodbye.
That was when I noticed something.

"Bill, didn't you said yesterday that the studio was just here in the lodge? You said that you should have the full access to it. So why..."

"There are times that you will have to lie just to make people believe." He said stoically, now sitting on the chair near the dining area. Why do I sense that he has something in his mind behind what he said?
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