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Chapter 10: "You'll Stay With Me In the Land of Misery."

His skin was flawless as my hands pass on it. He didn't even move nor did he put up a fight which was very odd indeed. He stood there, trying to contemplate what just happened. Why did I do such a thing? It's simple! Have fun right? Lia thought to herself as she smirked.

"Whoah!" I heard Georg, Gustav, and Tom exclaimed in unison. They were shocked. I saw Georg and Gustav from my peripheral vision. They were trying hard not to laugh at the scene. Tom, on the other hand, was somehow amazed by what he saw. But I forgot…I nearly forgot. Her mother's here. My mother's here. How would they react to this?

Lia turned to look at her mother and especially, to Simone and anticipating for their reaction. But what she saw from their faces made her really anxious at the same time, confused. They were smiling and giggling like teenagers. It's as if they were watching a romance novel. They were actually teasing Bill and Lia. She then, rolled her eyes, gracefully.

I almost forgot to move from where I was standing at the moment and I can see that this skinny guy in front of me fails to do so too. So I looked at him, and at first, he was shooting glares that might eat me alive. Shock and confusion was visible through his beautiful brown eyes.  Then, an evil smirk, barely noticeable, escaped from his lips.

"Nice try Ms. Lia. We'll talk about this later." Bill whispered to Lia. His breath, passing through her skin, sent goose bumps quickly.  It's a kind of whisper that almost can't be heard. Just as when Bill was walking away from the people in the living room, and going out of the house once again, Simone stopped him.

"Bill, where are you going?" Simone asked her son calmly but with a firm voice.

"Where else do you think mom?  We're staying in the lodge tonight." Bill said rather bored. He continued walking to the door. Georg and Gustav stood up to follow him but then Bill stopped when her mother said something that he didn't expect.

"Didn't I tell you? We'll all be staying here…together." Simone said while smiling sincerely.
Now, I forgot how to breathe in and out. It seems like my system is not working anymore. It's as if my feet were glued to the floor. I looked at my mom with a confused expression in my face which she seemed to understand.

"Yes Lia, we'll be staying here." Her mother said, smiling ear to ear. This is not happening! Lia thought as she looked at Bill's direction who was looking at her as well.

"Lia! You'll be staying here with us!" Tom said with a really sincere smile on his face. He seems to be really excited of his mom's idea. He stood up from his seat and hugged Lia.

"Act with him." Tom whispered in my ear again, feeling his breath under my skin. He was asking me to act. Damn! How will I exactly do that?!

She looked at Bill, with a confused expression in her now pale face, as if asking him what else they can possibly do.

"Mom! What do you mean?!" Bill asked. His voice was undeniably rough and louder than before. Act with him. Yes. Act with him. Lia was building her courage. She can't understand. A while ago, she just slapped him on his beautiful face but now, what happened? She seemed to run out of words to say.

"What we meant was Lia and Maggie will be staying with us in this house. That's just simple English my son." Simone smiled at her joke. Bill can't even smile with what his mother said.

"Whaaaaat?! Ughh. Mom!" Bill shouted in annoyance.  He really can't accept her mother's decision. Lia looked at her mother with the same expression Bill is giving at the moment.

"Mom, I thought we'll be staying in our own house in Berlin. You never told me about this damn thing when we're still in Italy!" Lia was disappointed with her mother right now. She's beginning to lose patience. She looked at Tom, trying to ask for help but she saw him staring at his brother. It's as if they're communicating by their eyes. It was obvious that Bill was shocked, irritated, and disappointed as well.

"I can't remember mentioning 'our own house', Lia. And what is wrong with staying here? There's nothing bad about…"

"You've decided, once again, without consulting me that's what was wrong." Lia half-shouted. She decided to sit down on the couch near Georg and Gustav who was uncomfortable with the conversation they were having.

"Ehemm. Uhmm. I think we should go ahead. It's getting hot in here, I guess." Georg looked at Simone and at Lia's mother, then to Bill and Tom who was standing side by side.

"Yeah. Uhmm. See you in the lodge, Tom and Bill. Oh I mean, in the studio. Bye Lia!" Gustav corrected himself almost in a flash. Bill glared at him as they walked out of the house while Lia simply smiled at him.


We were in the dining room. It was extremely big.  There were chandeliers hanging elegantly in the area. A quaint dining table was in front of us. Tom was sitting beside Bill who was across me while Simone and my mother were standing like mentors teaching their students. Fucking crazy students. At first, no one wants to comply to this meeting-like arrangement, but everyone calmed down and obeyed nevertheless.
Bill was staring at me. He seemed bored but in reality, he was really raging with fire. He crossed his long legs then looked at his mother with an annoyed expression in his face. And there was Tom, slouching lazily on his seat. Then all of a sudden, Bill's mother interrupted what I was doing at the moment. Observing the people in this damn part of the house.

"So tell us, what is wrong with staying together in this house?" Simone asked, now serious unlike before. Bill laughed sarcastically. He was curious on why his mother was still asking such a stupid question when she was fully aware of the answer.

"Mom, everything about this is wrong! We need to stay in the lodge so that we have full access in the studio. We need to rehearse and practice a lot! So how will we fucking do that if we're here?" Bill spoke too rapidly. His voice was too high. I looked at Tom and he was looking at me as well. He gave me an assuring smile which I really appreciated a lot.

"Gott! Is this about your precious career again?! The lodge is not really far away from here. Ask David to  help you handle everything! What's the problem with that?" Simone is like her son. She speaks like she's determined. They both speak firmly. This was what Lia thought.

"I'm sorry mom. I'll stay in the lodge with the band. I'm afraid that would be final." Bill looked away from her mom as he stood up. Tom felt uneasy while Lia was just sitting on the chair without moving. She doesn't know how to react with this kind of situation.

"Bill, don't be rude. Lia and Maggie are here with us." Simone seemed to be pleading him to calm down. Tom pulled his brother's shirt rather forcefully, to make him stay on his seat.

Bill looked at his brother once again. They have the same expression in their faces. They seemed to be losing patience with each other. Well, I hope not.

"No Simone. It's fine. We can truly understand." Maggie, Lia's mother tapped her best friend's shoulders to assure her that everything was really fine, until Lia looked at her mother, smiling sarcastically while nodding her head as if she disagrees with everything her mother said.

"It's fine? Mom, everything, when it has to do with Bill Kaulitz, is fine with you! I can't understand why." Lia said rather bluntly. Bill looked at her with an unrecognizable expression. He seemed like he did not expected me to utter those words.

And then Tom, he was just slouching on the chair. It looks like he's bored and he was not listening with the conversation. But the truth of the matter was, if the situation is not that serious, he might laugh his ass off. He's just really funny. He seems calm.

Lia's mother exhaled. She was visibly trying to retain her patience as a mother. She doesn't want Lia to be mad at her again. She wants them to be happy. Happier than before.

" I thought it was fine with you to live here in Germany and to meet them. So why…"

"There's nothing wrong with living here in Germany. What's wrong is to live with someone you don't want to live with." Lia looked at the guy across her. His expression was still the same. It was unreadable. Tom was now sitting properly. He looks like he's watching a suspense movie. He was hiding his evil smile.  Lia thought as she was now enjoying the situation. Just as when she looked at Bill once again, his expression changed into a raging one.
He smirked sarcastically before speaking. "Who said that I wanted to live with you?" Bill said roughly. Lia glared at him.

"Oh pleaassee Mr. Kaulitz, I would rather die than to be with you in the same house, the same place, with the same air we're breathing!" Lia hit the table with her two beautiful hands then stood up to exaggerate her point.
Tom's expression was shocked and at the same time, impressed by what I'm acting right now. I swear I saw a little smirk escaping from his lips.

Bill hit the table with more force than Lia exerted and with this, Lia was shocked. Tom held his brother's arms but Bill pushed his hands away from him.

"You speak like I was the one who's ruining your precious life! Well guess what? You just have the capability to ruin mine in just seconds!" Bill shouted in annoyance which left Simone and Lia's mother in a state of distress. The two mothers were looking at each other as if asking what they'll do next. Tom, on the other hand, tries to calm his brother down.

I don't know what to do next. Bill's last reaction was really terrifying and Tom seemed to notice this in my face that was why, I think, he tried to calm his brother with all his might. I don't know why the hell was his reaction like this. I don't think he's acting according to our plan. I think this one is spot on as ever as I think it is.

"What?! Speechless?!" He laughed sarcastically. "After you slapped me in the face, you still have the nerves to tell me that I ruined your life?! You're so pathetic!" Bill punched the table forcefully and gazed away irritated, so as to face anything but not Lia. Tom stood up and looked at me, assuring me that everything would be fine although I know that it wouldn't be.

"Hey guys! Bill, chill-out! Aren't you two tired of fighting? You've just met yet you're now fighting like parents. Get a room, will you?!" Tom shouted. Lia slightly opened her mouth with what Tom uttered just now while Bill looked at his brother who knew what those stares meant.
I saw mom and Simone looked at Tom with wide eyes. Tom, on the other hand, was still looking at the both of us who was staring back at him, and then finally, to my mom and Simone. That was when he noticed something.

"Why the hell are you people staring? I just asked them to… Ooh." Tom said, finally realizing what he said. "Why? What's wrong with that?! Maybe after that everything would be fine!"He continued, smiled and laughed. Bill then hit Tom's head with his palm rather hard.

"Hey! What was that for?! I was just stating a fact that if the both of you tried to have…"

I stared at Tom and he seemed to notice the glares coming from my eyes so he decided to stop the disgusting thing that he was saying. Just thinking of the earlier incident in the coffee shop, when he got the leather jacket from the woman by getting under her, makes me really sick.

"Ehemm..ehemm" Lia's mother tried to get their attention. Bill, Tom, and Lia looked at her all at the same time.  

Lia gave her mother a questioning look as if asking her what this is all about. In return, her mother gave her an assuring smile.

"Bill, will you come with me for a second?" Seriously?! Why is my mother making a scene?! I thought everything will be alright because she rarely utters a single word a while ago, and then now, this?!

I saw Bill trying to compose himself, breathing in and out as he walked to where my mother is leading him. He was more flushing as he looked at me with a glare, smirked as if there was no tomorrow, then rolled his beautiful brown eyes.  

Then, I looked at Bill's mother who was also looking at me too. Her eyes sincerely looked at me as she asked me to sit down and talk. I sat down as I looked at Tom who smiled at me, reassuring me that everything would be definitely fine. He sat down beside me and tapped my hands lightly.

"The both of you really can't get along well." She looked down, disappointed as she muttered under her breath but that doesn't mean Tom and I weren't able to hear her.

"Obviously, mom." Tom said as a matter of fact while smiling sarcastically. Just as when he said this, his phone rang.





He looked at the screen of his cell phone and then answered it almost in flash of lightning. It's as if he was excited to hear the voice in the other line.
"Hello?" He smiled as he answered the phone.

"….." God! Why does he need to smile while he's talking to the person on the phone?

"Oh! Ja! Ja! (Yes!) I'll be right there!" Tom said then he ended the call. He stood up and whispered to Lia's ears.

"Good luck!" Then he kissed her on the cheek before kissing her mother good bye as well.

I can't believe this guy. He left me with his mom just like that. They're twins indeed. A while ago, he was just assuring me with a smile then now, he left me? This is ridiculous!

"Lia," Simone started. I was shocked when she spoke. She was so calm when she talks to me. Damn! Why do I feel so nervous talking to Bill's mother?!

"Mrs. Trumper?" Lia looked at her with sincerity. She composed herself which made her calmer than she was when Bill was still arguing with her.

"This is what we're talking about. Look at him. He was so immature, so stubborn. That's why…"

"I need to live with him in this exact same house?" Lia was looking straight down on the floor yet she didn't forget about the respect she should give to the adult sitting in front of her.

"Lia, the truth is, that was not necessary. But as we can see, you can't get along. It seems that there will be war considering the fact that it was the first time you met."

She held both of my hands. I was shocked by the gesture but they were warm hands of a mother.

"Yes. That was the point. We can never get along. So why would you keep us in the same house if you know that nothing productive or good will spring out from this?" Lia's voice was gentle with respect and at the same time, firm to exaggerate her point.

"Lia, can't you really see what I meant? Can't you really see the purpose of having you together? I need you to help him." Simone almost begged Lia to do what she was requesting her to do. Lia can't help but feel really sad for her. She can't deny the fact that Bill is really hard to be with. It's like no one could ever live with that kind of guy.
I wonder how Tom and Simone can actually live with him. I wonder how.

Lia stared at the woman's hands holding hers tightly. And then she looked at her eyes. They were not the same as Bill's beautiful brown eyes. Oh! Damn! Lia! Focus! This is a serious situation! You can't just stare at her and think that they're eyes were all the same. Lia thought to herself as she nodded , indicating that she agrees with Bill's mother.

Simone smiled. A sincere smile was visible through her lips. She was not really revealing so much emotions but Lia can see that her smile was true and genuine.
"But, I wouldn't live with him. I'm sorry. I can help him but…"

Someone snatched her hands from Simone. Lia was shocked. That was the same hand who held hers when they were at the airport earlier. Oh god, I'm glad they weren't asking about the incident earlier. She thought as the guy walked fast still holding her hand. Lia didn't know what to say but she came out with words that she thought was the right to utter.

"What the hell are you doing?! Will you let go of my hand?!" I can see my mom and his mom side by side, smiling at this other scene they were watching. Then, I looked at him, straight through his eyes. He was now calm. Calmer than before. His eyes were now free from distress yet no emotions were seen to fully understand what he's feeling.

"Just stop talking and go with me inside the car! Will you?!" Bill shouted but he was not raging anymore.

"Mom?! What is this all about?!" Lia asked as Bill was still holding her hand which she was fighting for him to let go of. She was struggling. His grip was really firm and strong.

"Bill, will you let your manager, what's his name, well will you let him get Lia's baggage early in the morning?" Lia's mother smiled as she said this to Bill. Bill then, looked at Maggie and nodded in agreement.

"Of course, Mrs. Antonio. And by the way, his name is David." He smiled at my mom. Oh god! What is happening?! It's as if the world went upside down! A while ago he's raging with anger and now, he was acting all polite and sincere! What the fucking hell is going on?!

Lia looked at him with a confused expression, as if asking him what was going inside his fucking head yet Bill just looked at her and smiled.

"Bye mom! Thanks Mrs. Antonio!" Bill gripped her hands tighter before shutting the door of the house rudely.

They ran and passed through the pouring rain. Lia can't do anything anymore. She just complied with what Bill is doing and just go with the flow. But then, she was confused. Bill changed his mood almost in a flash!

When they were inside another car, a different more elegant car than what they used earlier, Lia shouted at Bill with annoyance.

"What the HELL is wrong with you?! Could you please tell me so that I wouldn't guess?! You're so hard to comprehend!" Bill wanted to cover his ears for him not to hear Lia's voice.

I looked at him. I was really and undeniably pissed off with this guy. He's weird. A while ago, it's as if he wants to eat me whole but now, he changed!
Then, he looked at me. His eyes look tired. It's as if he was bored.

"Your mom agreed for me to live in the lodge." Bill said as he now started the car and speed it up once again which made Lia arched a little bit.

"Good for you! So where are you taking me?! To a Land of Misery?!" Lia laughed sarcastically. She was undeniably pissed. But then, Bill said something that Lia didn't expect.

"Ha! Land of Misery! If that's what you like to call it then so be it!" He smiled. That evil smile was visible through his lips once again. Wait! What does he meant by what he said? Wait, what?!

"Uhmm.. Wait. That's not what you meant right? You…"

"You'll stay with me…

"…in the Land of Misery." Bill smiled then rolled his brown eyes at her.
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